If you do not yet own land back home, this is the perfect opportunity to get your foot on the property ladder!  We’re offering a fantastic all inclusive offer for land in Founders’ Park in Lilayi, Lusaka, that’s affordable and flexible.

“This is a very quiet place, whether it’s a weekend or a working day.  In terms of security, our carport has no shutter, we leave our vehicles [outside].  For some of the other houses the yards are smaller… so they park [their cars] outside.  It’s rare that you’ll hear of disturbances on the vehicle.  In terms of water supply you have water 24/7 here.  The pressure is quite high.  We have power throughout … [unless] of course load shedding.” Ezekiel Mulenga, homeowner, Founders Park, Lilayi, Lusaka



“I wouldn’t think of any other place to stay.” Mr. Bwalya, longtime homeowner, Founders Park, Lilay, Lusaka






Once considered remote and inaccessible, Founders Park estate in Lilayi is now in the middle of a thriving community.  In just 10 years, this neighborhood has transformed from being an agricultural block to having all the conveniences of a city life.   The estate lies in an area that is serviced by numerous tarred roads, schools, a university, shops, bars, restaurants, filling stations and much more.  And yet it still manages to keep the ‘farm’ feel of a peaceful neighborhood with a strong sense of community.  Although it’s only 20 minutes away from the CBD, 10km from south of down town Lusaka and 7km from Woodlands – long time owners describe the estate as being welcoming, secure and having a feeling of ‘fresh air’.  Founders Park offers the ultimate ‘plot and plan’ solution – allowing you an opportunity to buy land and build the home of your choice in the most affordable way possible.

The estate is serviced with:

  • All weather gravel roads
  • Good water supply
  • Sewerage lines
  • Power supply

These services come right to the boundaries of each plot!  All plots are on title.   There is a homeowners’ association that attends to security and the running of the estate.

The best part about Founders’ Park is that it offers three different plot types of small and medium plots at very affordable prices – perfect for your budget!

Plot Size Cash Price Deposit
300 m2 K69,000 K7,000
525 m2 K110,000 K11,000
600 m2 K130,000 K13,000


Please contact us if you would like to find out about the 6 and 12 month payment plans!

Click here if you would like more information on Founders Park!

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