Last month we brought you the Salama Park Apartments offer – a complex of 6 apartments located within the vibrant Salama Park; a fairly new neighborhood located between Avondale and Ibex Hill.   Each Salama Apartment is a double story two bedroomed apartment just over 106 sq.m with a generous living space on the ground floor, encompassing the living room, dining area, kitchen and guest toilet.  The two bedrooms are upstairs with a shared bathroom.  The Apartments have been constructed up to a grey finish (shell) that includes all block work, electrical piping, plumbing piping and roofing.

If you missed last month’s article then click here so that you can catch up on the first four reasons of why Salama Park Apartments is in a great location and therefore a great property investment.  Here are another four reasons why this is a great offer for you!

  1. Good road network – The roads have recently been upgraded and tarred within Salama Park itself and the surrounding areas, making the airport less than 15 minutes away. Moreover, its an easier drive for those working in the CBD.  After years of decay, the roads are finally a pleasure to drive on.


  1. Solid build – a professional team was used for every aspect of the construction. A certified architect prepared the drawings, a quantity surveyor drew up the bill of quantities for materials, an experienced contractor carried out the construction, and an engineer oversaw the steel works that provide the strength of the double storey structure.  In addition, the build was fully approved by the council.  If you had to build by remote control from the diaspora many of these crucial steps would be skipped over.  You can be assured that this is a solid build.



  1. Short Stay Opportunities – Last month we mentioned that once you buy an apartment as a shell and finish it as you wish, you can put it on rent and almost immediately find a tenant because Salama Park is a popular rental neighborhood. An attractive alternative to that is to add some basic furniture to your apartment and rent it out by the day thereby further increasing your rental income.  Get your Airbnb on!  The apartments proximity to the airport make this a very attractive option.  The added benefit if this is that you can use it as a home base when you come for home visits – now that’s a win-win!


  1. Title Deeds are Ready – Don’t worry about title deeds taking ages to come out – each flat already has its own title deed. Once you finish paying for your apartment, you can immediately start processing your title deed in your name.  Remember that a title deed is the only conclusive evidence of ownership to a property.

This is a great value for money offer – get in touch with us today to find out more.  Hurry as there are only 4 UNITS AVAILABLE – don’t miss out! Click the button below if you are interested in getting more information on Salama Park Apartments.

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