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Don’t miss the opportunity to buy land because “it’s in the bush”

Don’t miss the opportunity to buy land because “it’s in the bush”

You’re ready to buy a piece of land. You love the price point, payment terms, and most importantly, you see yourself and your family feeling at home on the property. However, you see the location and decide not to go ahead because you think “it’s in the bush.” In this video, I’ll be helping you NOT to make this mistake.

In this video you’ll find:

  • Examples of areas that were yesterday’s bush, and today’s thriving neighbourhoods
  • A real-life example of someone that turned down a property because they thought it was “in the bush” and regretted it after!
  • Examples of some properties that may appear as though they’re in the bush but are ALREADY seeing a growing community.

Where to invest in the Zambian real estate market

If you’re looking to invest in property back home, you definitely don’t want to miss this one! We talk about all the real estate trends in 2021.

In this video, I am joined by Tim Ware from Knight Frank, and he shares solid gold insights of the property market including where the growth areas are.

Buying Property in Zambia Videos: The Land Policy

In today’s video, I’ll be talking about the official Zambian land policy and I’m going to take you through some highlights of what it is and how it will affect you.

The Land Policy is important because it gives you an insight of your land rights and is instrumental in solving several other property related issues Zambia faces.

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