What Makes Founder’s Park a Good Purchase?


As you know, we aim to bring you the best opportunities of property for sale in Zambia.  Last month we introduced you to Founders Park in Lusaka’s Lilayi area.  We received an excellent response from many of you, so much so that all the small 300m2 plots have SOLD OUT!  But the good news is that there are still medium sized plots ranging from 447m2 all the way up to 1,068m2 available.  Prices start from only K110,000.  Your response has been so positive that we’ve been asked to add Village 2 to our property offer!

Founders Park is excellent value for money, particularly for those that are looking to make their first entry into the property market.  The affordable price range of the plots combined with the payment plans make this a fantastic offer.  You’ll be able to buy property in a way that aligns with your budget.  In addition, the great prices offered are all inclusive prices!  This is a rarity in Lusaka today.  Most plots that are affordable don’t come with any services whatsoever, it’s left to the buyer to drill a borehole, dig a manhole, and bring power – all at an exorbitant cost.  And most of the time, you’re also left to fight for your title deeds.

This headache is completely done away with at Founders Park, leaving you to focus on what you want to build on your property.  Once again, building can be done at your own pace and at your own budget.  For the more seasoned property investor, these plots represent a solid property investment where you can still gain from capital appreciation or build units that would be attractive to rent out due to the growing location.  You can even combine plots and build to take advantage of the bourgeoning rental market in a fast growing area.  Another great advantage is that all plots are on title, so you can have peace of mind knowing that once you finish paying, you’ll be able to get a title deed and process your name on it – that’s such a good feeling!

Click HERE if you would like more information on Founders Park and the new plots available in Village 2!


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