Half way through the year already and I must say its been an exciting six months!  As we take stock at this half way point, we continue to find ways to reach you where you are.  We are doing this by stepping up our online presence so that we can have conversations with you about your property aspirations and concerns.  I am thrilled that we launched our Facebook group where we did a live video on how to get a diaspora mortgage in Zambia.  If you’re not already part of the group click this link to join the discussions.  In the group, you’ll be getting additional advice, tips and sneak peaks into new property offers.

We also hosted our first ever tweetchat!  Check out #buyingpropertyinzambia if you missed it.   We had a lively session with Modern Refinement about dealing with difficult tenants.  Because of the great response, we decided to delve deeper into the topic with Modern Refinement’s expanded advice on how to navigate a contentious landlord – tenant relationship.

I am very pleased at our property spotlight for this month – it is ideal for those that want to own their first property in Zambia.  This opportunity will help you get your foot on the property ladder.  Founders’ Park in Lilayi, Lusaka offers an all inclusive price to buy serviced plots at the most affordable prices with flexible payements terms. If you’ve been thinking about buying land and had concerns about prices, services or title deeds – worry no more.  This offer is for you.  If you are the seasoned property investor still look for great deals, then you’ll also find this offer appealing as an investment opportunity.  Current homeowners themselves tell us why this is a good buy.

Lastly, for those of you in the diaspora that have businesses at home or are planning to start a business at home, you won’t want to miss the advice of four top CEOs on how to navigate the current turbulent times.

As always, I would love to hear from you about any property related subject you would like me to cover in the newsletter.  Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line by clicking on this link and I’ll do my best to prepare it for you.  Have a great month!

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