Building Your Zambian Home “The Green Way”

In this day and age, you hear everyone talking about going green. Green structures are now the preferred choice around the world. In Zambia, the government and the private sector have launched the Zambia Green Building Association. The association serves as a platform for the whole of the Zambian property and building construction industry to collectively create a community, which supports the sustainable transformation of building in Zambia.

When building your dream home it is important to consider building a home that will be energy efficient, safe from natural disasters and generally comfortable for its occupants financially and environmentally. “Green building” is when you are able to preserve most of the natural environment around your site whilst still being able to produce your intended structure. Foxdale Forest is Zambia’s first sustainable residential housing development. They encourage homeowners to use solar power, rain and grey water harvesting. The houses are built with local building materials, which are recycled in the construction process. The houses are also orientated to reduce unnecessary heat penetration in summer, and heat loss in winter.

By adopting greener practices with the construction of your home, you take maximum advantage of environmental and economic performance. Some of the benefits include improved air and water quality, reduced operating costs when building your home and overall improved quality of life by making the home healthy and comfortable to live in. In addition, when you decide to go green, your goal will be to actually help sustain the environment.

Whenever anyone starts a building project, and you disrupt the natural habitats around it, you can actually make an impact in the wildlife and environment. One our developments, Chaminuka Wildlife Estate designed each of their homes to externally fuse or blend with the surrounding, so as not to spoil the environment. Their architectural style is to bring the outside in which is achieved by design strategies that maximize the capture of natural light and ventilation to all spaces.

If you have already built your home, you may just want to make a few green changes within your home to ensure that you are able to get the goals that you want out of it. If you were looking to build your home, it would be ideal to have a better understanding of “green building” and how best you can build a green friendly home. Diaspora Connect is here to help you get in touch with a green architect.

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