Reboot – Have you met your goals for 2018 #Property goals

We are more than half way through the year!  It’s become a cliché to say how fast time is moving but where are the days flying to??  It forces us to stop and take stock of where are and whether we’re achieving the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.  In fact it may be time for a reboot!  After taking stock, this may be the perfect time to reinvigorate yourself so that you can end the year strong.  For us at diaspora Connect it has been a period of change.  We’ve had to say goodbye to some key people in the company and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors, particularly Tanya Fooks who was so instrumental in setting up the business and building our online presence.  The entrepreneurial bug has bitten and she will be busy with her own start up business – we will miss her!

So for us, we’ve had to reset and reboot!  I am excited about what we have achieved so far this year!  We seem to be gaining some real momentum with more and more of you in the diaspora are hearing about our services.  We remain committed to bringing you up to date, useful and relevant information on the Zambian real estate sector.  More than ever we want to help you find the best property deals at home in Zambia and hold your hand through what can seem a confusing and perilous process.  You work hard for the money that you decide to invest back home and our objective is to give you the peace of mind to do just that.

So where are you in meeting your goals for 2018?  Did you set yourself a goal to buy property back home this year?  Are you any closer to achieving it?  If you are still looking for the best opportunities, or wondering about the process or just plain don’t know where to start check out this month’s offer.  We’re pleased to bring you yet another great offering.  5 acres of land in Lusaka starting at K250,000 ONLY.  This is an amazing offer we’re bringing exclusively to you.  These days just ONE ACRE of land in Lusaka can set you back K400,000 in areas such as New Kasama, Ngwerere and Lusaka East.  Our offering is 30km from a major commercial hub, set in the rolling hills of Makeni.  See our feature in the Property Spotlight and get in touch with us as soon as you read it!  This may be your time to reboot!  #propertygoals



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