Are you a Zambian living in the Diaspora? Have you found yourself thinking about buying property back home, but you’re worried about all the horror stories you’ve heard about losing money in the process? Do you feel like you don’t know where to start? If you answered Yes to any of these questions then you’ve come to the right place.

Helping you with buying property in Zambia in a safe and reliable way

When it comes to buying property in Zambia, Diaspora Connect is the one stop property shop that resolves all your property issues. We’ll take you from confusion to clarity; from worry to peace of mind. We’ll give you the opportunities, information and network to help you buy property back home in a safe and reliable way. You’ll have somewhere to come home to, not the entire Zambia but an actual place that you can call home.

We bring you:

  • Selected properties for sale by credible vendors
  • Linkages to diaspora loans to help you buy, build or renovate your property at home
  • Access to legal services to obtain title deeds for your property and advise you on all manner of property matters
  • Regular updates on the Zambian property market
  • Information on how to buy property and build back home
  • Access to our select list of contractors and building professionals

We can help you with the following services

Land & Property Developments

We use our local knowledge to bring you an exclusive set of properties that offer great value for money

Chowa Estates property listing Buying Property in Zambia

Chowa Estate

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Makeni Heights Buying Property in Zambia

Makeni Heights

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Makeni Heights Buying Property in Zambia

Foxdale Apartments

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Obtain legal services to get you your title deeds

We can link you with Folotiya & Chiumya Legal Practitioners (FNC Legal) which has helped hundreds of Zambians in the diaspora and locally obtain their title deeds, sell their properties as well as providing legal advice on a variety of land and property matters.

Get up to date property market information on
buying property in Zambia

We share our expertise regularly on our blog plus give you access to a range of free guides to make you a smarter property investor.

What others are saying about working with
Diaspora Connect when buying property in Zambia

“Diaspora Connect really helped to bridge the information gap and was my “guy on the ground”. The fact that they managed to get this all done in the middle of a global pandemic is even more impressive.”

Joseph Mate Buying Property in Zambia Testimonial
Joseph Mate

“Having taken time to watch the Youtube videos and the time Diaspora Connect took to interview the sellers, the due diligence involved, Natasha being a respected lawyer with an obvious reputation to maintain – I was convinced I would be happy and confident to transact with and via her.”

Mutale Chanda Testimonial Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia Testimonials
Mutale Chanda

“Diaspora Connect has been a blessing to us in the diaspora. Their process and professionalism has been really amazing. Everything one needs to know about buying land in Zambia was provided. They are reachable and that is vital when you are in the diaspora.”

Florence and Jack Tembo Buying Property in Zambia Testimonials Diaspora Connect
Florence and Jack Tembo
Maryland, USA

“We would absolutely recommend Diaspora Connect because they go above and beyond to help you and they are trustworthy.”

Pelegia and Oscar Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Pelegia Chulu & Oscar Valle

“Diaspora Connect provided me with insight that guided me in choosing the best property and kept me connected with the Sellers until the sale was complete. I’m now a proud investor in real estate in Zambia.”

Doreen Mwenya Grant 3 simple steps to buying property back in Zambia without losing money Buying property in Zambia testimonials
Doreen Grant
Florida, USA

“I would definitely recommend Diaspora Connect. The property I bought has been one of the best investments. I bought the property before I saw it but they verified everything and made sure everything was genuine.”

Amos Jiriengwa Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Amos Jiriengwa
United Kingdom

“The service has been very good. They have a team which has been responding to almost everything. When they kept me updated, it created that confidence and trust.”

Natan Jere Diapsora Connect Buying Property in Zambia Testimonials
Natan Jere
Cote D’Ivoire

“I found Diaspora Connect to be very credible people that were just out there to help people abroad. I would recommend to people abroad, if you live in USA, Canada or wherever in the world, their services are really great – so go for it and you will not regret it! “

Emmanuel Muyengwe Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Emmanuel Muyengwe
United States of America

“The service is excellent and I would recommend anyone interested in buying property in Zambia to get in contact with Diaspora Connect. ”

Joseph Miti Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Joseph Miti
United Kingdom