A word from me

Thank you for visiting our website, I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I’m Natasha Chiumya, the founder and CEO of Diaspora Connect. Like most African parents, my dad was big on education and doing well at school. He always told us ‘you have to be the best!’ He expected As from us, B was passable but C was totally unacceptable. I really resented this when I was growing up but it instilled in me the drive I have today. I always push myself to be the best at what I do. This is the drive and focus I bring to Diaspora Connect, which I established to help Zambians like you, who live abroad, to become property investors back home.

I’m a lawyer by profession with over two decades at the bar, many of those in my own law firm. When we started our firm, we decided we would specialise in corporate and commercial law only. We grew into a niche boutique practice and made a name for ourselves in property law and conveyancing after handling several large property developments. I also served as a deputy chair of the Lands Tribunal where our panel resolved all manner of land disputes from across the country.

Natasha Chiumya Buying Property in Zambia

Launching Diaspora Connect

I heard numerous stories from our diaspora clients about how difficult it is to buy property when you’re abroad and how they would often get swindled by family, friends and sellers. Diaspora Connect was born as a project in the firm as a response to those obstacles and as a way to help us get more clients in the diaspora.


Have a look at the endorsements we got even at that early stage from the Zambia Property Owners Association and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:


“As the Zambia Property Owners Association, we are aware that Zambians living abroad face many challenges when wanting to invest in property back home: lack of information, uncertainty over the buying process, difficulty in finding trust worthy mechanisms through which to channel funds to name a few. Your firm’s service line, Diaspora Connect, has developed a robust and innovative response to these challenges by providing a streamlined service that will allow the Diaspora to invest back home with confidence. The service will assist individuals in the Diaspora identify a potential property, access financial services locally and obtain title deeds all on one online platform. We are pleased that in doing so, Zambians from around the globe will be able to particiapate in Zambia’s thriving real estate sector and become property owners in their home country” – Mr. Daniel Katongo, President, ZAPOA

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

“The Ministry commends you for this important initiative which is in line with the spirit of the Diaspora Policy and the aspirations of the Government to establish this practical engagement with Zambians living abroad. We wish to therefore congratulate your firm for the successful launch of the re-connection project and look forward to working with you during the launch of the Diaspora Policy and especially, at the implementation stage.” – Amb Chalwe Lombe, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Watch this short video of our launch event

A property all rounder

One of the big challenges I faced is that I had to be a licenced agent! It took me two years to get my real estate qualification. It took several years to gain your trust as a credible source of real estate information and opportunities. I know that many people and companies present properties in front of you, they may even fly out to meet you – then you never hear from them again.

For several years, I’ve provided you with information, advise and tips on the Zambian property market. Together with my team, we’ve held your hand through the buying process, helped you get mortgages and obtain title deeds with <<our unique approach>>.

I’ve built apartments that I’ve successfully sold (<< see the video series here >>). Arising from my experience I’ve prepared a << Building Guide >> to help you get started (or finished) with your building project back home.

A property one-stop shop

Now I’ll be honest with you – there are better agents than me, bigger property developers, more successful lawyers and definitely far better adjudicators than I will ever be. But they are just that. An agent. A lawyer. A property developer. An adjudicator. I am all those things and that makes me unique.

I have a 360 degree view and experience of the property sector that I bring to the table. That’s how Diaspora Connect is able to give you end to end property solutions. And I’m here for the long haul. When you decide to buy property back home, I’ll be right here waiting to assist you.

About Natasha Chiumya signature Buying Property in Zambia

What others are saying

“Natasha was extremely knowledgeable – she provided me with valuable insight on the process of buying property in Lusaka. She shared information on market trends and shared her experience and expertise openly and honestly.”
Thokozani Zaza
“It’s often difficult to find succinct accurate answers on land matters in Zambia, I found that Natasha was very knowledgeable and had answers to my questions. She highlighted the pros and cons to the scenario I presented and gave alternatives where possible. I liked the fact that she repeated the questions, this ensured we were on the same page and nothing was lost in translation. She also provided a step by step approach to my questions, this was important especially when you are new to the process. Setting up a call was really easy and I found her warm and professional manner very pleasant.”
Chicago, USA