Zambia Property Owners Association (ZAPOA)

Zambia Property Owners Association (ZAPOA) was incorporated in 2014 to advance the property industry in all sectors; commercial, industrial and residential.  Since its inception, it has sought to promote the role the property industry plays in the country’s economy.  ZAPOA recently had its Annual General Meeting and welcomed its new President Mr Suhayl Dudhia who is succeeding the outgoing President Mr Daniel Katongo. We recently caught up with Mr Dudhia to ask him some questions about the Association and what he intends to achieve during his term.

What is ZAPOA and what is its mandate?

The Zambia Property Owners Association (‘ZAPOA’) was incorporated in Zambia under the Societies Act, Chapter 119 as a ‘not for profit’ association on 9 June 2014. ZAPOA encourages participation to promote the expansion of Zambia’s commercial and industrial property sectors. The association is a unique, member-driven organisation that aims to represent, protect and advance members’ commercial and industrial property interests within the property industry in terms of ownership, management and development.

ZAPOA’s core objective is to represent and promote the interests of the real estate sector in Zambia. Its objectives are based on the principles of the free enterprise system as the only workable economic system and the inalienability of property ownership, not only for its members but also for the future of Zambia, and its competitiveness in the world arena. We shall collaborate with other business groupings and foster strong ties with Government and regional counterparts.


You were elected President at the recently held AGM, what will your objectives be during your term?

My objectives will be to promote further cooperation and coordination between the members of ZAPOA as a mutually beneficial platform.  I would like to further enhance our role and representation to institutional bodies to enable us to represent our interests for the future growth and development of the Zambian property sector, as a large contributor to the Zambian GDP.  I aim to provide a transparent and clear view of the growth of property development in Zambia through the property index.


How do you intend to achieve your objectives?  

Consistent and regular meetings with government bodies and agencies. More networking and workshop opportunities,  cooperation and involvement of all our members through social and informative events.


ZAPOA is a young association, how do intend to increase the outreach and influence of ZAPOA. 

Through further cooperation and involvement between all the members of  ZAPOA, in our role and representation to institutional bodies and to provide a transparent and clear view of the growth of property development in Zambia, through the property index. The property index should be accessed by many of those interested in the Zambian property sector.

What advice do you have as ZAPOA for people in the diaspora who would like to get involved in the Zambian property market?

Even though the Zambian legal system is more robust than many of our neighbours, it is prudent to still engage reliable transaction advisors to conduct the necessary due diligence around the title deeds and other critical transaction documents to ensure that the investor is well protected.


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