In recent years Lusaka has been a growing commercial hub, with rising office space demand coming from the financial and communications sectors. Conveniently located along Katima Mulilo Road is the Sun Share Tower which has been referred to as a world-class business landmark of Lusaka. The tower is owned by Sun Share Investments Limited, whose business scope covers high-end property, real estate, engineering and construction, building materials and agriculture, as well as other diversified investments.

The tower stands 12 storeys tall with construction space of 23,000 square metres and a floor area of 16,000 square metres, offering unimpeded views of Lusaka. Sun Share Tower is a classic example of a building that maximises performance through innovative design. By adopting passive design strategies (shades and natural ventilation) with active technologies (LED light fittings, Mitsubishi commercial elevator and a centrally located air-conditioning system that removes dust and kills bacteria), Sun Share Tower follows world-renowned green architectural methods were the biggest environmental gains can be achieved at the lowest cost. The building is completely environmentally friendly, and has a comfortable and healthy internal environment for its users – even at a large scale and using materials such as glass. Other green highlights include their sound insulation for the generator as well as their multi-stage degradation sewage treatment system.

The striking new-build property offers a balanced working and social environment. The tower is seen as a multipurpose facility and launched its first social event last December, hosted by PR Girl Media, Lusaka’s first Penthouse Party.

On the business side, Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, that has continued to grow in the Zambian market due to its effective response to consumer demand for affordable and accessible technology has well over 50 employees in their Lusaka office. They recently moved into the Sun Share Tower and managed to take over two complete floors. Sun Share Tower has been placed to meet this growing demand in one of Lusaka’s most exciting and colorful areas.

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