Diaspora Connect attends the ZIPEXPO

Managing Partner Ms. Natasha Chiumya of Folotiya & Chiumya Legal Practitioners moderated a panel discussion at the recent Zambian International Property Expo entitled “Women: The Future of Residential and Commercial Real Estate”. The panel included Ms. Omba Kayumba Lacey, Empretec Women in Business Award Finalist & Director, Katcey Construction, Ms. Dorothy Mulwila, President, Zambia Association of Women in Construction, ZAWIC, Ms. Pat Mwase, CEO and Chairperson, Build CBU and Ms. Nambula Kachumi, Executive Director, WECREATE Zambia.


The panel provided a spotlight on all pressing aspects of construction regulations and policies, gender equity, career progressions in skills and training, green construction benefits and overcoming financing challenges and more.  Interestingly, the women in construction explained how they have to be twice as good as the men, as many clients and even their own workers often challenge their expertise.  But many have benefitted from ongoing training by the National Council for Construction and growing expertise in larger projects.  When choosing a contractor for your project, always deal with a contractor that’s registered with the National Council for Construction (www.ncc.org.zm)


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