Make your home building journey easier with Micmar

About Micmar Zambia 

Micmar was one of the sponsors for our first event in Atlanta in 2023.  By partnering with them, we learnt that they have alot to offer our diaspora community of property buyers and investors.

Micmar is your one-stop destination for all your hardware needs. Whether you’re on the Copperbelt (Ndola, Kitwe, Kasumbalesa) or Lusaka (Town, Industrial Area, Woodlands, Eastpark Mall), their seven vibrant locations are ready to serve you!

Wide Product Range 

Micmar Zambia boasts one of the largest inventories of hardware products. 

They bring quality hardware closer to you, allowing you to dive into a world of possibilities with an extensive range of 15,000 products for every budget size. 

From essential tools, lighting, electricals & machinery to cutting-edge innovations that you need to build your dream house. 

Micmar and the Diaspora 

Building is a tedious task especially for people in the diaspora as it requires a lot of technical information which you can’t easily get when you are not on the ground.  

Well, that’s where Micmar comes in.  They help you get the right technical information that makes your home building journey easier. 

You can schedule a consultation with their commercial team who will respond with the advice you need to take your project from slab to finished.

The team is mobile and you can even schedule a site visit to have them visit your project.  And get this, the site visit is free (as of publishing this video)! 

Early Stage of the Building Process 

Micmar can help you from any stage of your building journey. 

However, to get the most out of the consultation with Micmar, they’ll require you to have:

Plan- you need to have  a house / estate plan of what you want to build.  

Building materials-  you can give your budget and the kind of materials you want to build with.

BOQ- A bill of quantities itemising the building materials needed. 

If you are flexible they can help you adapt the materials to suit your budget and tally with prices on the market to make your project more cost effective. 

Payment Terms 

If you decide to do your entire project with Micar, they’ll offer you flexible payments options. 

They’ll hold items for you and you pay as and when needed on your project journey. 

Exchange Rate Affecting Payment Options

The construction market is a very volatile one which means prices are affected by the exchange rate and are always changing. 

You may ask how this affects your purchase with Micmar? 

Prices are fixed for estate projects: these are developments with several housing units or projects that require a huge amount of financing such as a 3 bedroom house which qualifies  for a fixed payment plans for 2 months 

The good news is prices aren’t increased abruptly and client’s are notified before new prices are effected. 

Micmar Layby 

Micmar offers a flexible way to make your big purchases more manageable! 

They provide a layby option which gives you the convenience of spreading your payments over time.

How it works : Secure your chosen items with a 30% deposit of the total purchase price then you have a comfortable 4 months to settle the remaining balance. 

This gives you time to plan and raise money for the items you want. 

You can put as many items as you want on layby and the price stays the same for the whole 4 months!

Once your payment is complete, the items are all yours!

Choosing The Right Fittings For Your Home

With so many options  how can you go about choosing the right fittings for your home? 

You have to be aware of your spaces and how to amplify it. 

Not everything works even when it’s in fashion, for example, right now ceramic and porcelain tiles are all the rage but don’t fit in everywhere because some are not water resistant and slippery, which can make your home a hazard in certain areas. 

The size of your space also matters.  Large tiles make the room look more spacious and smaller tiles reduce large rooms – it’s all about what you want to achieve. 

Tip: Always buying one or two extra boxes (watch the video to know why) 


Micmar has been in the business since 1996  and they can help you reduce the stress associated with building back home by offering you  a wide range of products and a cost effective way of paying for your goods.

So If you’re in the diaspora or plan on building in a cost effective way contact Micmar at

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