Apartments for sale in Zambia

Apartments for sale in Zambia

In our apartments for sale in Zambia videos series, Natasha gives you expert guidance on all things buying apartments in Zambia. Together with her guests, she helps walk through many challenges and hurdles first time or repeat property owners go through. As you may know, the decisions you make when buying property in Zambia could save you or cost you a lot of money. Watch these property advice videos and let them help you in your property purchasing process.

Foxdale Apartment updates: Sales Re-opened

I’m really excited to share this update video on my Foxdale Apartments in Lusaka. Sales for these properties have opened up again! These flats are ideal if you’re looking for:
• A lock up and go apartment in Lusaka city
• A property that you and your family can use during home visits
• Income from a property when you’re not using it

Last time I brought you here it was bare land. In this apartments for sale video, I show you what’s happened since then:
• We broke ground in December 2021 and you’ll see how quickly we’re progressing.
• You’ll get to meet the main contractor and civil engineer (it takes team work to make the dream work)

• And I’ll give you all the details about sales, including prices, payment terms and options for finishing your unit.

We only have a few units left. If you want more information, then follow this link:

Apartments for sale videos: Foxdale Apartments

Foxdale Apartments is a promising new project that offers great potential to prospective buyers. Located behind the commercial section of Roma Park in Lusaka, the site of these units couldn’t be more ideal for these two bed room apartments.

Each apartment will be built up to a grey structure (if you don’t know what that means, watch the video!). The great thing about grey structure is that they save you the stress of building from scratch. You don’t have to worry about designing the unit, hiring the contractor (and sub contractors) and paying for a finished unit in one go. With this project you get the pleasure of adding your own personal touch as you complete your unit. It’s a win-win!

If you’d like more information on Foxdale Apartments click on this link, add your name and your email address to get a schedule of units available, prices and payment plans. You can equally type this url in your browser and fill out your details.

Apartments for Sale videos: Salama Park apartments

Watch this apartments for sale video to see what a Salama Park apartment looks like fully finished! Last year, I had built six apartments up to a grey structure so that buyers could finish their apartment at their own budget and pace. I’m so pleased that one of the buyers finished their apartment! This Apartments for Sale video is a walk through of the finished apartment – complete with tiles, bathrooms, kitchen etc. The transformation is amazing! I hope this can inspire you to either buy or build one day soon, or to keep going if you have your own project you’ve started. This was filmed during covid so we didn’t have the usual crew – yours truly was the cameraman so forgive the shaky look!

Based on my experience I’ve created a building guide that outlines the steps of how to build – if you would like a copy of our 8 stages of Building, you can can click here

Apartments for sale: Salama Park Apartments

Salama Park Apartments is a property made up of 6 flats located within Salama Park; a new neighborhood located between Avondale and Ibex Hill in Lusaka, Zambia. Each apartment is double story, two bedroomed with a generous living space on the ground floor and the bed rooms on the first floor. The Apartments have been constructed up to a grey finish (shell) that includes all block work, electrical conduits, plumbing piping and roofing with an affordable selling price of K490,000.

Are you are interested in getting more information on these plots? Please follow on this link

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