3 Tips to buying property in Zambia

3 Tips to buying property in Zambia

Last month we introduced you to Gloria Zimba who has been living in the UK for 15 years with her husband and two sons. They have actively been investing in property back home and what fascinated me about Gloria is that she has such a positive story! Usually, Zambians in the diaspora have terrible stories about how they’ve been swindled when trying to buy property back home. But Gloria’s story jumped out at me because she’s never lost money buying property back home or building. In this two part series she tells you how she did it. I hope it gives you the courage to go for it too!

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1. Negotiate a payment plan you can afford

 You don’t have to have a huge sack of money in order to buy property. Negotiate payment terms where you can. Sellers can be quite flexible with payments when they see you’re committed.
 Stay in your lane and buy within your means. You don’t need to get into debt but if you do, start by seeing what you can borrow in the country you live in as interest rates in Zambia are very high.

2. Prepare a Budget – and stick to it

 Once you’ve agreed on the payment terms, stick to it. Create a budget, cut down on luxuries and save so that you don’t miss any payments.
 Increase your extra income through a side hustle if need be.


 Don’t keep postponing your plans. There’s always a million reasons not to do something. But with the right attitude, research and professional team – you can successfully buy property at home without being swindled. Go for it!
 WARNING – once you succeed its addictive! You’ll want to do it again!

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