The UNZA-SA Alumni Foundation giving back to their alma mater – the University of Zambia

 I always like to keep up with what the diaspora communities are doing in their various communities. I was particularly excited when I heard that some of the Zambian diaspora in South Africa who are former UNZA students were looking for a way to give back to their alma mater.  This network was only formally registered last year and they have already gotten to work organizing their inaugural Golf Day event to raise funds for UNZA residences.   Prince Nyati, the Project Manager for the Golf Day, has been hard at work with his team putting the event together. I was very pleased to interview the Secretary General, Musama Chapeshamano about the foundation and their upcoming event.



Musama Chapeshamano


Q:  Could you tell us what the UNZA-SA Alumni Foundation is?

A:  The Foundation is a registered non-profit company that aims to support the University of Zambia (UNZA) in various aspects, particularly with projects that are mainly focused on undergraduate students from under privileged backgrounds.


Q: What are the objectives of the Foundation?

A:  Although we are a fairly new grouping, our objectives are to:

  • Support underprivileged undergraduate students.
  • Assist UNZA with essential capital projects benefiting students.
  • Assist UNZA’s Alumni Relations & Advancement department to become self-sustaining.
  • Provide a platform where former students can connect and engage with UNZA.


Q: Can you tell us about the Golf Day that the Foundation is organizing?

The 1st Annual Chairman’s Golf Day is being held on 19th September, 2019 at the Blue Valley Country Estate in Midrand, South Africa.  It’s the first official event that we are holding, following our initial launch in 2018 which saw the current EXCO voted into office. The idea is to firstly interact with Alumni as well as “Friends of UNZA”.  While there will be other events centered around different events in future, we picked golf because it creates a social setting and is a great vehicle for bringing people together. It’s our intention to have the Golf Day every year.  We will explore the possibility of holding it in other provinces in South Africa, where alumni and Friends of UNZA are based.


Q: What are you raising funds for?

There is an old adage that says ‘water is life’, signifying the importance of water to the survival of life.  Currently the students of the UNZA are having severe challenges in accessing water in their residences.   This being an immediate need for the students we thought it would be wise for us to assist immediately in raising funds that would go towards the supply and installation of overhead water tanks for the said student residences.

The Foundation is doing commendable work to address an important need.  I would love to hear about any initiatives you have in your communities that are extending a hand back home.  It would be great to feature your stories!  Drop me an email on


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