How to deal with economic challenges in Zambia today

The Africa List is a network that brings together Zambia’s top businesses and the next generation of CEOs under one exciting platform.  It provides high level engagement, networking through quarterly events and world class training for its members.  In June, I attended the Africa List’s CEO night where the CEOs presented some valuable experiences and insights that have helped them build their career.  Many of you in the diaspora want to start businesses in Zambia or already have an existing entity on the ground.  Here’s what the CEOs had to say about the current challenging economic environment:


“Navigate a bad situation.  Be part of the solution but most importantly, continue to find solutions for clients.” Mizinga Melu, CEO, Barclays Bank Zambia



“Where there’s turbulence, there’s opportunity.  And where there’s opportunity, there’s money to be made.  You must be adaptable otherwise you’ll suffer.” Sipho Phiri, Executive Chairman, North Western Power Company








“Innovation and segmentation are critical.  No one size fits all.  You have to tailor make products to suit your clients.”  Susan Mulikita, CEO Liquid Telecom








“Some of us are old enough to remember the economic hardships we experienced before multi party politics took hold.  That was real turbulence!” Michael Mundashi, Managing Partner, Mundashi Mulenga and Kasonde Legal Practitioners






These remarks emphasize that in these tough times, its more critical than ever to have a client centered business.  Michael Mundashi’s quip reminds us that things have been far worse and in so doing, we are motivated to keep striving and moving forward!


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