Buying Property in Zambia – Launch Event

Are you a Zambian living in the diaspora?

Are you interested in buying property back home?

Join us at our LAUNCH EVENT where we will introduce you to a new way of BUYING PROPERTY IN ZAMBIA.

Attend this launch event to learn how we use THE 3 KEY SERVICES to make your buying process safe, easy and effective

At the launch event;

  • We will present to you an exclusive number of new-build Zambian property developments
  • We will introduce you to banking services tailored to the Zambian in the diaspora looking to move money for their property purchase.
  • We will show you why it is paramount to get your Property & Conveyancing services right by using this Diaspora legal service specifically designed to help Zambians in the Diaspora

No other Zambian company uses world-class software to help you find and manage your Property buying process.

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