You’re busy – you have to work, take care of your kids, your home, your partner. You’ve worked hard on your career and you’ve established yourself in your adopted country of residence. On the weekends you want to spend time with your family and friends. You have to attend to your household while still finding time to rest and get ready for the week ahead. Why should you spend your time worrying whether the money you sent back home is being put to good use??

Even in the information age, reliable information on Zambia is still hard to come by. You can find hundreds, thousands of listings on the internet, Facebook and other social media platforms. The problem though is the security of the purchasing process. You might wonder, how am I going to pay for this property and be assured that these people won’t disappear with my money? How do I know that this property is genuine?

Diaspora Connect takes away the hassle factor in buying property back home. We have helped Zambians living all over the world buy property in a safe and seamless way. This is what some of our happy clients had to say about us:

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“When I searched for property in Zambia… other property websites were just selling houses. The Diaspora Connect website took the time to sell you a dream, they sold you a lifestyle. The website was very informative, they took time to note the surroundings, everything around the properties and the amenities. There’s so much more detail than just selling a mere house. That really impressed me. I was very happy with the service; they were very professional.

I would definitely recommend Diaspora Connect. The property I bought has been one of the best investments. I bought the property before I saw it but they verified everything and made sure everything was genuine. Now I’ve come to Zambia. I’ve seen the property and I’m happy so I would definitely recommend them”.

Amos Jiriengwa Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Amos Jiriengwa
“I heard about Diaspora Connect from a colleague and searched for them online. Knowing that Natasha is a lawyer gave me that peace of mind, there was that security which was key. The service has been very good. The one thing that’s catchy about their service is responsiveness. They have a team which has been responding to almost everything. This helps to reduce that insecurity or fear where you think, ‘hey what is going on, how come these people have kept quiet’. When they kept me updated, it created that confidence and trust.”
Natan Jere Diapsora Connect Buying Property in Zambia Testimonials
Natan Jere
Cote D’Ivoire
“We heard about Natasha through our sister in Australia. We decided to work with her because of the way she handled our sister, she was trustworthy. We would absolutely recommend Diaspora Connect because they go above and beyond to help you and they are trustworthy”.
Pelegia and Oscar Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Pelegia Chulu & Oscar Valle

“In the past, my main problem was I didn’t have a source of information where to buy land and also the other main problem is, I was asking relatives about finding land, everything was guess work. I found Diaspora Connect by researching online and browsing their website which I found resourceful, with the information that I needed to buy property. I found them very legitimate and I felt I could do business with them. The service is excellent and I would recommend anyone interested in buying property in Zambia to get in contact with Diaspora Connect.”

Joseph Miti Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Joseph Miti

“I found Diaspora Connect to be very credible people that were just out there to help people abroad. I think that their mission is to really help us acquire property because it can be difficult using different methods like family members that can be sketchy sometimes. They were able to answer my questions in terms of how the process works and what I need to do. Natasha communicated with me within hours of inquiring and was able to layout the process and made it simple.

I would recommend to people abroad, if you live in USA, Canada or wherever in the world, their services are really great – so go for it and you will not regret it! I am happy with their services. I purchased a plot with them and it’s a great deal. You invest money and your returns will be safe and secure. [Your money] won’t be misused or mismanaged. Thanks for what you do in helping all of us abroad to acquire property in different ways.”

Emmanuel Muyengwe Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Emmanuel Muyengwe

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