Makeni Heights Real Estate Webinar

19th and 20th March, 2022   16:00hrs – 17:00hrs CAT

2022/03/19 16:00

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Hi there,

Are you living in the diaspora and not sure where to find the right property opportunities?
Are you worried that you’ll buy a property only to find its been sold to 3 or 4 other people?

Then join me for this webinar where I’ll present a fantastic property opportunity that’s been 100% vetted – a safe and reliable way for you to invest in property back home.

About the Webinar

Join us for the webinar where we’ll present a property opportunity that has been fully vetted and is 100% credible. The webinar will discuss all the features of Makeni Heights in detail.

In addition I’ll answer all your questions in our private forum such as:

  • What kind of plots are available at Makeni Heights?
  • What payment plans are available?
  • How will the buying process work?
  • How will I acquire my title deeds?
  • How can I go about building considering that I am far?
  • PLUS any other questions you may have!
2022/03/19 16:00

About Makeni Heights

Makeni heights is a residential estate which is being developed in phases and has plots available for purchase. Makeni Heights offers fully serviced plots that are ready for construction with plot sizes ranging from 450 – 520 m2. Not only that, there are flexible payment terms available that make these plots very affordable.

About Diaspora Connect (Buying Property in Zambia)

Diaspora Connect is the one stop property shop that resolves all your property issues. We’ll take you from confusion to clarity; from worry to peace of mind. We’ll give you the opportunities, information and network to help you buy property back home in a safe and reliable way. You’ll have somewhere to come home to, not the entire Zambia but an actual place that you can call home. We are fully licensed with the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents.

We bring you:

  • Selected properties for sale by credible vendors
  • Linkages to diaspora loans to help you buy, build or renovate your property at home
  • Access to legal services to obtain title deeds for your property and advise you on all manner of property matters
  • Regular updates on the Zambian property market
  • Information on how to buy property and build back home

What others are saying about working with
Diaspora Connect

“In the past, my main problem was I didn’t have a source of information where to buy land and also the other main problem is, I was asking relatives about finding land, everything was guess work. I found Diaspora Connect by researching online and browsing their website which I found resourceful, with the information that I needed to buy property. I found them very legitimate and I felt I could do business with them.”

Pelegia and Oscar Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Pelegia Chulu & Oscar Valle

“I found Diaspora Connect to be very credible people that were just out there to help people abroad. I think that their mission is to really help us acquire property because it can be difficult using different methods like family members that can be sketchy sometimes. They were able to answer my questions in terms of how the process works and what I need to do. Natasha communicated with me within hours of inquiring and was able to layout the process and made it simple.

I would recommend to people abroad, if you live in USA, Canada or wherever in the world, their services are really great – so go for it and you will not regret it! I am happy with their services. I purchased a plot with them and it’s a great deal. You invest money and your returns will be safe and secure. [Your money] won’t be misused or mismanaged. Thanks for what you do in helping all of us abroad to acquire property in different ways.”

Emmanuel Muyengwe Testimonials Diaspora Connect Buying Property in Zambia
Emmanuel Muyengwe
United States of America