How to buy property back home in zambia

How to buy property back home in Zambia Videos

In our “How to buy property back home in Zambia’ videos series, Natasha gives you expert guidance on all things buying property back home in Zambia. Together with her guests, she helps walk through many challenges and hurdles first time or repeat property owners go through. As you may know, the decisions you make when buying property in Zambia could save you or cost you a lot of money. Watch these how to buy property back home in Zambia videos and let them help you in your property purchasing process.

How you can build your ideal home even if you live abroad

Once you buy a plot the next thing you want to do is build. But where do you start?? With Builders Village – a professional service that builds high quality, durable and world class homes.

Their service includes:

• taking you from design to construction of your home

• providing the supervision for your build

• giving you financial reports so that your project stays on budget

In this video, I am joined by their director, Dr. Brenda Bukowa, and she dives into all the information about their company including their Diaspora Outreach Plan.

How Much Does It Cost To Build

In this video we will be addressing an age old question that we have been asking too many times to count; how much does it cost to build? Building is a long project that takes months of patience and can often be strenuous on our pockets especially if we don’t know how much we will be spending. So we are here to air out any confusion and hopefully give you more insight on the cost of building!

Why you should do due diligence before buying a property

In this how to buy property back home in Zambia video I’ll be talking about the importance of doing a due diligence on property you’re interested in buying.

You can’t miss this step! It’s better to find out any issues ahead of time rather than realizing you should have looked harder at the property you’re now stuck with.

But how exactly do you make sure that what’s been advertised to you is what you’re getting? That’s what I’ll be telling you!

Busting myths about buying property back home in Zambia

In this how to buy property back home in Zambia video I am joined by Trish Chanda – born in Zambia and bred in the diaspora. We discuss common myths about buying property and building in Zambia!

You may have misconceptions about the property market that’s causing you to miss out on amazing and growing property opportunities.

Knowledge is power, and hopefully after watching this video you will be empowered to take the next step in the property buying process!

How to Buy Property Back Home in Zambia Part 2 – A step by step tutorial

I continue to break down all 7 steps in this two part video series, from doing all the necessary checks on the property all the way to getting your title deed.

In this how to buy buy property back home in Zambia video, I’m talking about the last 4 steps in the process. I take you from what happens after you finish paying for your property all the way to getting your title deeds.

How to Buy Land In Zambian Without Getting Swindled!

Do you want to buy land back home in Zambia but you’re hesitant because you’ve lost money trying to do so in the past? Have you heard so many horror stories from friends and family about people being conned out of their money? Yes, these things have happened and unfortunately, continue to happen. But are you ready to hear a NEW story, a DIFFERENT story?? If you want to find out how a Zambian person like you living in the diaspora has bought and invested in property successfully then this video is a MUST WATCH!

Who can buy land in Zambia?

Quick list of how non Zambians can own land:
1. Citizenship
2. Resident
3. Company with the right shareholding
5. If you own a bank!
6. If you have a hunting confession
7. Through a trust with charitable objectives
8. If the President consents

However, the best way is to restore your Zambian citizenship because dual citizenship is now a thing!

How we help the diaspora buy property back home in Zambia

Do you have a dream of buying property back home and don’t know where to start? Are you afraid of losing your money? We have helped many people in the diaspora buy property in a safe way – listen to what they had to say about our service in this episode of how to buy property back home in Zambia.

I started this business to help you and it brings me great joy every time I help a client fulfill their aspiration of property ownership. 

How to buy property back home in Zambia: 5 things to look out for when buying property

Are you coming home for the festive season and looking around for property you can buy?? Would you like to know what you should look out for and what questions you should ask when buying property?? Then watch this video where I break down 5 things that you need to know when buying a property at home in Zambia.

Watch until the end of this video to see my bonus tip!


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