3 Key Pillars to Building Back Home Without Losing Money Workshop

Thursday, 17th November, 2022     at 19:00hrs CAT

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Natasha Chiumya – Founder/CEO of Diaspora Connect

Hi there, are you a Zambian living abroad and you’re thinking about building back home but just the thought of it stresses you out?

Or maybe you’re already building and tearing your hair out because its turning into a nightmare?!

You don’t want your house to turn out like this!

Agony 3 key pillars to building back home without losing money

Are you worried about:

  • Finding a trust worthy contractor?
  • Shoddy work that doesn’t come even close to your expectations?
  • Paying for expensive materials that have a diaspora “top up” that turn out to be poor quality?

In this workshop, you’ll be given the framework that’ll help you avoid costly mistakes. You’ll learn the key factors that’ll allow you to successfully build your dream house at the right cost and at the right quality.

I’ll take you through our Value for Money Building Framework which I developed based on my experience of building 20 units!

The agony of building back home

I’m often asked “Natasha, how do I find highly skilled workmen, who can do quality works?” We’ve all heard the stories of contractors who abandon site, use terrible materials or just run off with your money then turn off their phones.

How do you keep on top of all of it, ESPECIALLY when you live abroad?

There’s only so much that you can ask your family to do to help. Your parents may be aging and may not have the energy or the ability to keep a close eye on your project.

Younger family members tend to be busy with their own lives and commitments. Those who are active and helpful may start imposing their OWN ideas onto your building!

And that’s in the best case scenario, the worst case is that family members or friends take off with your money too!

Or you end up with a structure that you have to demolish and start all over again!

It can all seem overwhelming…

Agony 3 key pillars to building back home without losing money

The solution lies in our Value For Money Building Framework

knowledge about 3 key pillars to building back home without losing money

That’s why we had to come up with our Value for Money Building Framework which I’ll present at our workshop.

You will learn the 3 Key Pillars which are:


Vision – It all starts with your vision of what you want. Just as a house has a foundation, your project must have a foundation that starts with you.

Under this pillar, you’ll learn how to clearly articulate your vision for your project.

I’ll ask you some key questions that will help you get clarity. Once you’re clear about your vision, see it come to life before a single brick is laid down.


Right Quality – To avoid poor workmanship, you need the right team. You’ll learn how to assemble the right people for your project.

You’ll also be shown how you can protect your investment, even at this early stage (I don’t see many people talking about this and I can’t wait to share it with you!).

You’ll be given tips on developing a reporting structure that ensures quality and keeps you regularly informed on your project.


Right Price – You’ll be shown how to get a proper estimate for your build based on real prices, not “diaspora” prices. You can use this estimate to plan and budget for your project properly.

You’ll also get insights on how to create a structure for financial accountability so that you’re not getting random phone calls that “cement / ma blocks/ river sand etc yasila”.

You’ll be given tips on developing a reporting structure that ensures quality and keeps you regularly informed on your project.

All of this will be shared with you and it’s absolutely FREE!


PLUS I have a great bonus to share with you if you show up live to the workshop. You’ll get our BUILDING BUDGET that goes way beyond the usual labour and materials. This tool is CRITICAL in helping you calculate the REAL cost of your project.

**This free resource doesn’t get shared on our socials or website. It’s only available to workshop participants that join us live!**

The Workshop


This FREE workshop will take place on:

Thursday 17th November, 2022 from 19:00 – 20:30hrs CAT

This will be an ONLINE workshop

The workshop will be ninety minutes packed with valuable information and insights. Most importantly, there’ll be plenty of time to ask your questions and have them answered.

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“Wow! Am short of words it’s beautiful, it’s outstanding, the job has been done just like they showed us in the video. It looks exactly like the design we were given in fact the actual structure looks far much better. We are grateful and happy and we’ll not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.”

Eugene and Charity
Eugene Mwaba and Charity Chansa

“I found Diaspora Connect on YouTube and Instagram, I started following them and they have been such a great help. Their explanations are easy to understand. They are quick with their service, honest and I haven’t had any problems and am so happy I found them.”

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Mumba Ricks
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About Diaspora Connect

Diaspora Connect is a one stop property shop that resolves all your property issues. We’ll take you from confusion to clarity; from worry to peace of mind.

We’ll give you the opportunities, information and network to help you buy property back home in a safe and reliable way.

You’ll have somewhere to come home to, not the entire Zambia but an actual place that you can call home. We are fully licensed with the Zambia Institute of Estate Agents.

We bring you:

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About Natasha Chiumya

Hi there, I’m Natasha Chiumya, the CEO and founder of Diaspora Connect. To tell you a bit about myself; I’m a business woman and a proud mother of two! I’ve always liked to be original and do things differently.

When I became a licenced estate agent, I didn’t want to be just like every other estate agent selling anything to anyone. I decided to focus on Zambians living in the diaspora and resolving the many barriers you face when buying property back home.

I’m also a registered lawyer under the Law Association of Zambia. I’m a partner with Folotyia & Chiumya Legal Practitioners, one of the leading real estate law firms in Zambia.

I’m a property developer who’s built and sold 20 units in Salama Park and Foxdale, Lusaka.

I know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the Zambian real estate market. So, it’s made me an expert at putting together really good property opportunities. Added to that, I’m able to offer an end to end solution – a property one stop shop.

“The Building of the house is a strange blend of dreams and mundane work and of heaven and earth” – Paul Goldberger