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This month we’re excited to bring you yet another fantastic offer! Salama Park Apartments is a complex of 6 apartments located within the vibrant Salama Park; a fairly new neighborhood located between Avondale and Ibex Hill which has benefited tremendously from the growth of the property market in recent years. It was a former commercial farm that was converted into a mixed use estate just a few years ago. It is now home to hundreds of property owners with houses and apartments, as well as the popular Twin Palms Mall that serves the growing neighborhood.

Each Salama Park Apartment is a double story two bedroomed apartment just over 92 sq.m with a generous living space on the ground floor, encompassing the living room, dining area, kitchen and guest toilet. The first floor contains the two bedrooms and a shared bathroom. The Apartments have been constructed up to a grey finish (shell) that includes all block work, electrical piping, plumbing piping and roofing.

Here are 8 reasons why this is a great offer for you! This month we’ll start you off with the first four reasons:

1. Location, location, location – Fantastic location in a thriving neighborhood with lots of amenities; malls, shops, bars, restaurants, schools, filling stations etc. Twin Palms mall is even undergoing an extension, such is the popularity of this retail destination located next to Salama Park.

2. Affordable price point – The fact that the apartments are sold as a shell means they can be offered at a great retail price of K490,000. A finished apartment in Lusaka would easily cost you between K750,000 – K800,000. This reduced price is much more affordable, giving you full authority to decide on your budget for completing the apartment.

3. Finish on your own terms – You can finish your apartment according to your own preference, timing and budget. Once you pay for your apartment, you can pace yourself in terms of adding fixtures and finishings to the apartment. As a buyer, you can decide when you want to put in your kitchen, tile your bathroom, or kit out the bedrooms – it’s all up to you. This option gives you maximum control and affordability. If you’re in the diaspora, our authorized architect and contractor are on standby to help you finish your apartment.

4. Immediate rental income – Once you complete your apartment you can immediately put it on rent to start generating an income for you. Due to its location and surrounding amenities, Salama Park is a fantastic rental neighbourhood!

Join us next month as we give four more great reasons to snatch up this offer! Get in touch with us today if you’re interested. Hurry as there are only 4 UNITS REMAINING – don’t miss out!

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