Atlanta Highlights

Last month, we had our first in person event outside of Zambia in Atlanta USA. Since we didn’t stream it live, we thought we could share some of the highlights with you!

We partnered with the Associations of Zambians in Atlanta (AZA), led by Bella Siangonya, to make this event a success.

We were proud to have ZANACO as our Lead Sponsor, Lupiya as our gold sponsor and Micmar Online and Vibrant Funding as our industry sponsors.

The event was about investing and creating wealth through real estate in Zambia.
We covered topics such as:

• Real estate markets to invest in in Zambia
• The importance of real estate in creating wealth
• ZANACO’s diaspora banking proposition
• Lupiya’s platform that allows you to invest back home at higher returns

One of the highlights of the event was actually having some of our clients talk about their experience of working with us.

Another personal highlight for us was the warm welcome we received from the Zambian family in Atlanta. We came away with the feeling that, while online events are great and can reach anyone, anywhere – nothing beats having face to face interaction as a way of building rapport and trust.

Our intention is to make this the first of many events in order to continue meeting our mission of providing a safe and reliable way for Zambians abroad to buy property back home.

If you want us to visit your city for a similar event, share the association you belong to and the contact person with us.

Bye for now!

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