Zambian Diaspora Policy Update

Zambian Diaspora Policy Update

The best and easiest way for you to own land is as a Zambian citizen. If you are in the diaspora and want to buy property back home but you gave up your Zambian passport or never had one in the first place because you were born abroad – take up the challenge of restoring your Zambian citizenship. Yes, it will be a challenge because the constitutional changes that allow for it are still fairly new, having only been passed in 2016. The bureaucratic wheels still have to turn in order to implement this effectively. But its has been given more impetus with the Diaspora Policy that was launched in April of this year.
Under the policy, the government wants to encourage land ownership for the benefit of the diaspora. It provides for a number of measures to do this which I covered in earlier issues of the newsletter here.

Under the Policy, the government will provide for dual citizenship for Zambians, including children born in the diaspora. It will also provide for the re-acquisition of citizenship for Zambians who had lost or renounced their citizenship.

When the Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Joseph Malanji was in London in July, he stated that each and every Zambian living abroad should have the Diaspora Policy so that they know what it’s all about. In fact, he directed all Zambian Embassies to ensure the diaspora have the policy and know the contents of the policy to enable them make informed decisions. Its clear the Minister wants the diaspora to be empowered by the policy. So, demand your rights to have your Zambian citizenship restored so that you can begin your property journey at home with peace of mind.

If you want to know more about how you can buy land as a non Zambian, watch my YouTube video here.

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