We’re in the final quarter of the year – can you believe it? I’m stunned that time has gone by so quickly – but it always does these days, making time even more precious. In September, I attended ZAMREAL, Zambia’s premier real estate forum which brings together all the top players in the property market. I’m excited to share my insights from the event with you in this edition of our newsletter.
I hope you watched my interview with Gloria Zimba in the UK? She’s an inspiration to many – she’s been living in the UK for 15 years and is a successful Zambian property investor! She’s never lost money or been swindled – not even once. So yes, its possible. If you didn’t catch the video on YouTube please stop reading this newsletter and click on the YouTube link – that’s how important I think her advice is! Not only does she give really good advice but she changes the narrative around property buying in Zambia. You can buy property in a safe and secure way. I have summarised some of her top tips this month.
In Zambia today, I give you a quick update on the Diaspora Policy. The Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Joseph Malanji has emphasized how important the document is. I encourage you all to use it to empower yourselves and take advantage of it from your own personal standpoint. For those of you that gave up your Zambian citizenship, now is the time to restore it so that you can claim the benefits of property ownership back home.
As always, I would love to hear from you about any property related subject you would like me to cover in the newsletter. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a message and click HERE if you’d like more information on Founder’s Park. Have a great October!

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