We’re in the second quarter of 2019 – time is waiting for no one! We are galloping along as we gain
more and more momentum to serve you better. This month we have a new property offer for you –
Salama Park Apartments, a complex of 6 apartments for sale in an ideal rental neighbourhood. Check
out the Property Spotlight that has more details on this great offer.
In the Property Advice section we discuss powers of attorney. This might be a viable option for you if
you’re not intending to travel home any time soon but would still like to buy property at home and have
documents signed locally. But read the article to see why this role should only be granted to someone
you absolutely trust.

Lastly, the highlight of April was the launch of the first ever Diaspora Policy – what a milestone!
Government has to be commended for finally getting this much talked about initiative launched as an
official policy. Read the article below on the launch event and also learn what the policy says about land
and the diaspora.

As usual, we’ve put a lot into this month’s newsletter and hope you enjoy the content. Please shoot us
an email on and tell us what topics you’d like us to cover. We’d love
to hear from you!

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