Its so good to be coming to you again after another month has flown by!
This month we continue with our Property Spotlight on Chowa Estates in Makeni. Last time we told you
all about the wonderful features of the estate. This time, we spend more time talking about the
surrounding areas and all there is to do now in Makeni – it was a surprise to us to see how much Makeni
has changed! It offers a complete lifestyle for those with young families or those seeking the tranquility
of retirement. So this month we do a deep dive in all that Makeni has to offer – check out our Friday
Property Clinic with Andre Mulala, the owner of Chowa Estate for more information and great footage
of what’s on offer.

We get many queries through our website and this month we’ve decided to feature one such query on
customary land to share with you. This is an important topic because acquiring customary land can be
extremely reasonable and affordable – but it can have risks that result in future complications.
Therefore, we ask the question if customary land is a bargain or at the end of the day, a hassle.
Last month the Financial Literacy Week that was launched by the Bank of Zambia. This is an annual
event that aims to increase awareness of financial literacy concepts to help people make better financial
decisions. We found many similarities between the goals of financial literacy and property ownership.
The two are closely intertwined and we briefly highlight how you can set SMART property goals.

We love hearing from you! Our diaspora property survey is still open – please take a moment to answer
it so that we can have a better understanding of your property challenges and your aspirations.
Diaspora Property Survey

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